Saturday, August 27, 2011

Newsea J015f Espresso Retextures

- mesh by Newsea is included!
- textures by Nouk [edited by me]
- 11 colours
- for all ages
- binned & familied (two full familes + 1 not full [3 colours])
- compressorized

(picture is clickable)

enjoy  ♥ 

Our stunning models: Alexandra by Kotangens, Stella by Lasky, Sensual, Karolina & Galaret by mc ☆ roll, Rihanna by Helena

Additional credits: Mouseyblue, ON style, Janita, JustSims2, AvikaPang, Zara, Ephemera, Tifa ;;


  1. Is Irina sick she used to be on all of your uploads

  2. lol no, she's okay, just took one day off! X)

  3. The hair ended up gorgeous :) Are you going to do more updates today?

  4. Котик, какая прелесть!
    я обожаю твои перекраски, и прически ты выбираешь всегда крутые! спасибо!

  5. Thank you!! I've been waiting for updates everyday hehe

  6. Titanya, thank you and yes. This one is pretty old, I did it even earlier than "Baby face", but I had no files, found them today at my bodyshop and decided to upload :)

    Анечка, спасибо большое! ♥

    Angela, my pleasure :)

  7. Hi!
    Remember me? I asked about converting hair sims 3 to Sims 2.
    I translated the tutorial today for my language (Portuguese), and was wondering if when I have questions I can ask you. Can I?

    I wanted to know about this sims rihanna, please, I NEED HER!
    And that hair is beautiful, with their texture is more! Congratulations!

  8. Hi, thank you.
    You're from flickr? Which questions do you want to ask me?

    And no, I will NOT share Rihanna, she was made NOT BY ME, didn't I mention it, huh?

  9. >I'm not! I'm an anonymous, yet!
    What is scap. The site links the yuxis, they are outdated.
    About Rihanna please keep me in touch with the creator of it or pass me a download link. Please!

    Well, I don't remember you then, sorry.
    Scap? I don't know. And those Yuxi's tutorials, you need to read them to understand how to work in SimPe and Milkshape.

  10. If you gonna share with unknown ppl your beautiful models (and Rihanna) then please share with us, because it's unfair:( By the way i like, that this site is so fashionable, beautiful and everyday you have more and more members, congrats! <3

  11. Where did you read I'm gonna share my models with unknown people and what's unfair?

  12. Don't be mad. Just sayin' i'm respect your decision and this is your models and if i were you i will do the same and never share with unknown ppl,because other ppl can post them to internet, so keep it up to yourself, just saying do what you want :)

  13. Why do you think I'm mad? ._.
    You wrote if I gonna share models with unknown people, then I should share with you.

    I didn't understand about which unknown people you're talking and why I was going to share them, if in every single post I write that I will NOT share anybody.

    And yes, to be honest there's only one reason I don't share models - they will leak since anybody definitely will upload them. I don't trust people whom I don't know and it's totally okay, I don't understand why people continue to ask me.

  14. Beautiful retexture. Thanks for sharing your work.

  15. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Tamara :)

  16. Could you share the textures by Nouck? They are very beautiful!

  17. Creator's name is Nouk. I have no-more original textures, you may find them at GoS at Wishing Tree, I honestly don't remember the exactly place.

  18. OMG, lovely the red version are perfection, thanks!

  19. Привет! Не работает ссылка на скачивание((((


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