Saturday, September 24, 2011

In lovely memory of Anke


Today I found out that Anke, creator from Piggi's Sims died of bladder cancer.
I could not believe my eyes and still don't want to, it's.. simply impossible!..

Dear Anke, thank you so much for all your creations, for your time you spent to Sims community and for being such lovely person! Rest In Peace.

I didn't know her well, but I used to visit her site a lot before, when I didn't create and downloaded all content from other people. She created lots of different content: object recolours, walls, floors, hair retextures in three different versions etc. She was always such a nice and cute person. I'm so sorry I have never try to contact her, tell her how I loved her creations and how thankful I am. I wish so much I could know about her illness and write her supporting message.
And I wish nobody will forget about her and her wonderful site.

I know 3 places where you can see and download her content:
at Simscave there's her own section -
at MTS -
and at

Unexpected death of such incredible person confirms one more time that nothing lasts forever. Please be more careful and kind to people around you. And take care of yourself.


  1. It is indeed very sad and she will be very missed.

    She also uploaded a few recolors to Black Pearl Sims if I remember right.

    RIP our dear Anke.

  2. I was shocked with the news!
    Anke will be sorely missed in the community sims, we lost a
    person telantosa. Always keep with affection her
    creations, I love your chenille textures.
    I am very sad.

  3. I just found this lovely site and saw this shocking tragic. I had downloaded a lot of her neat items and didn't know she was even sick. So sad.


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