Thursday, September 29, 2011

Talented Creators Wanted! 1 000 000 $imoleons Reward!

You see, me (Kotangens), alex_mix are currently busy, Alex is busy with university and I'm busy with last grade at school, I have lots of lessons at school + extra lessons + homework. Actually not that much, but I still can't adapt to my new regime :(
And I'm constantly sorry about keeping you waiting for updates, I can't upload even that content which was done at August *fail*.

That's why we decided to try to find new creators for Hypnotized Sims team who have enough time for creating clothes/accessories/hair retextures (using any texture including my version of Nouk's one).
If You want to become a part of the best, the most fashionable and stylish and gorgeous sim-blog ever Hypnotized Sims, then here are some requirements for You:

- to know how to do high-quality stuff
- to have some finished projects
- to have enough free time (1-2 updates per week would be perfect)
- You can not be part of another blog/site/creator's team (it would be weird then :D)

You may send messages about entering the team here in the comments or to 

Thank you!


  1. Can I Enter I Have Finished Projects And I Can Make great Stuff But A Question Should i take pics myself or someone of hypnotized sims because i can't insert CDs Because There's Something Stuck There

    Another Question How Many Creators Do You Want

  2. Neko, yes, you should take pictures by yourself. Oh I'm sorry, you may try to download Sims then and just install them with Daemon Tools so you won't need to insert any CDs.

    As more as it's possible :) But I would be happy to find even 1 creator.

  3. OMG! I would love to become a sims designer but I've never created anything before I'm gonna go look at some tutorials because I have a lot of free time this semester lol are you only looking for experienced designers? What about fast learners? In the mean time I'm gonna go check out some hair tutorials because I have so many hairs I want retextured lol and I LOVE YOUR RETEXTURES!! Okay love your work great job and hope you do well in school :D

  4. okay thanks but how can i use Daemon's tool

  5. NVM Found Everything you thanks,Hope i Become The New creator

  6. Angela, experienced creators only! If you're fast learner, then learn and come to HS :D
    There are some tutorials at GoS about hair retexturing.
    And awh, thank you!!

    Neko, ask such questions google :D
    Good luck ^ ^

  7. Okay I just retextured some hairs but do you mind telling me where I can find pooklet v2 textures? I went to pooklet's blog but it's not working for me. Thank you! I'll email you the final results to see if they're good enough :)

  8. Oh, already retextured? You may send me the pictures to :)
    And I will write you back with texture (I hope I'll find it >_<)

  9. Hey Kotangens
    I hope you find you a creator soon..I would apply for it but I create for simsurbania..which you said is not allowed..other that I would have jump at that wonderful chance to be a part of hypnotizedsims creator team..and I know how to do it all especially acessories.=)But good luck and keep up the good work=)

  10. Thank you, Ms5star! Yes, working for two teams in one time is not allowed, but you always may leave simsurbania lol jk
    Good luck with your projects :)

  11. Hello Wait Just Noticed Something Who Will Decide The New Creator you Or Alex

    P.S I Can't Send You Pics Because Of The CD-ROM Problem and But I Can Take New Pics On Bodyshop will You Agree P.S My Email Will Be changed Because Of Hackers (Again)

  12. Neko, Alex is very busy nowadays. I will decide, maybe ask someone for help.

    amm okay, you may send me pictures from bodyshop.

    sorry for hacked e-mail.
    it's odd you was hacked 2 times already, seems you are very popular person :D

  13. Are you still looking for creators? I mostly create sims so I don't know if that would be much help :/

    here is my site if you want to see a few of my creations:

  14. modellaxlove, it's nice you create sims, but sadly I can't even see them. Pictures are overphotoshopped and small :(
    It would be great if you could make big clear previews of them!
    if you have some, send to my e-mail, please :)


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