Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello again :D

Duuuudes, I'm here with no updates but with question :D

I told you, I have lots of hair retextures, but have no time for beautiful (in my opinion :D) previews.
How do you think, is it okay if I just upload links to them? And in the future will do previews?
Like if you wait only for my retextures, it's better decision, yes? Or no? I really don't know.
I may upload poor bodyshop previews as well, huh?

Thanks in advance for your time and opinions.


  1. Yes, upload the links!
    Can t wait for your retextures :)

  2. I don't mind if there's no picture for the moment because I already know that the retexture will be great xD

  3. Yes please upload them without previews if it'll be faster :)

  4. Emily yeah, faster, but in bodyshop hairs look uglier than in the game because of some shadows :(
    And you guys may not like it/want it because of weird look, that's one thing which worry me a lot.


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