Friday, November 18, 2011

Interesting ideas WANTED

Currently working on new colours. ^ ^
Already were invented such colours as "Strawberry", "Sunshine", "Rose", "Cinnamon".

I asked already but want to ask again, does anybody have interesting ideas for new colours?
And how do you think, should I add new colours all? Or you're happy with those ones which you already have?

Waiting for your suggestions :))


  1. I think the colours are just perfect in the moment. Too many colours would just clutter up my downloadfile (since I am too lazy to delete some). :)
    I m looking forward to more recolours!

  2. Think the same as "Cindy Sim" :)

  3. Actually, I would really appreciate some dark black-brown hair without any blue or purple in it, that yould be awesome! I know it's not original or anything, but this would make your recolors so perfect :)

  4. Cindy, Micky, yes, I don't want to make /too many/ colours, but I will add one new colour anyways, to make my 3rd family full :)

    Nu', dark black-brown? Don't you like "Almost Black" one? You want something even darker?

  5. If you do add more colors can you make them as natural as possible? I don't really like bright green/blue/purple hair but maybe like a platinum with light blue tints would be cool?

  6. Emily, well I may secretly tell you that colours my friend and I invented are "Strawberry" (pinkish red colour), "Sunshine" (blond but with more yellow), "Rose" this one you may see already, "Cinnamon" (dark brown with yellow). Do you like any of them? I think I may substitute "Sunshine" for your platinum with blue, because yours one sounds like something awesome :D

  7. Yeah I just like more natural colors nothing neon lol I love the colors you are using at the moment especially the platinum blonde and strawberry blonde they're beautiful in game:)

  8. A little late, but I meant a color near Pooklet's Dynamite or Shrapnel (binned as black). Otherwise, I always try to find some pookleted version just to get this color because I think it's more natural than black with violet or blue :$

    Oh, and I really, really love your Rose *q*


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