Friday, November 4, 2011

NewSea YU085f Mermaid Retextures

Helloooo! Yeah, finally I'm uploading new hair retexture! :D
Let me tell you, I have time for retexturing hairs, but have no time (or have too much laziness) for taking/editing screenshots. 
At this moment I have more than 40 (forty!) hair retextures, set of lipsticks, accessories.. 
And there are more than 10 new fabulous Hypnotized Sims male and female models by different talented creators and sim-artists which will represent all these new stuff! hehe

 • mesh by Newsea is included
• works for all ages
• 11 colours
• textures by Nouk, modified by me 
• binned and familified


Hope you will enjoy them! :)
(9.89 MB)

Models  - Irina by Kotangens, Anastasia by Pona, Valerie by Kαtie, Rihanna by Helena


  1. So c00l finally!!! Oh, you are soo lucky I have a fever of your Rihanna model she is so cute:D Btw in these days maybe you gonna upload model which u presented earlier or clothes or something like that?:D Because i have ALL your creations and wish to have some more :D :)

  2. Victoria, thank you a lot :) Glad you like all my creations and creations of my friends :D
    Model.. sure, if I find her in my mess of files -_-
    About clothes - I have one dress, but I don't think it's normally to upload only 1 dress, I want to upload something kind of mini-collection like Vero & Max @ FemmeFatale do, I don't know :)

  3. I love this hair retexture, thank you so much for sharing :)
    By the way Anastasia is really cute with this hair :DD

  4. Thanks, May :))
    Hehe yes, she turned out really sweet :D

  5. I love how sweet you are with people:D Other creators completely sillent and don't write anything, when people wrote to them such a kind words:D That's why in my opera broswer your page is my main :D :)

  6. EmpireOfTheSun, awhh thank you! :))) But I think if those creators could have more free time, they would respond to each person who wrote them messages too :) At least I hope so.
    Thank you again, you made me smile *^^*
    I'm truly happy there are still such sweet people @ sims community :)

  7. Yeah you upload one,this one is beautiful like usually
    It's cool that you find time to make some stuff because they're amazing and I can't wait you to upload them.
    Hugs from France !


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