Friday, November 4, 2011

Old content re-upload/Gwen

Hello again!
I'm not sure, but guess not a lot of people know that I posted one model at GoS.
Now I decided to upload her here, maybe someone will consider her as pretty and useful for his game :)

Here she is - my old lovely Gwen
(sorry for crappy pictures, tinypic took some quality and I sadly have no original pics at my PC)

Without/with make-up:

Custom Content List:

Gwen is packed as she presented at the 1st picture, with clothes, all make-up and hairstyle.
Take care of her! :)   
(3.75 MB)


  1. Oh wow she's beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing her.

    She is for Sims 2 right? No expansions needed?
    Would love to have her in my game :)

  2. Aww I can't download her :(

    I click "download" and get this error:

    "Sorry but there are some temporary host problems. Please try again later."


  3. Thank you, I downloaded her and can't wait for new models and other stuff :D Here is the clear link: it's working for me:)

  4. Anonymous, you're welcome!
    She's Sims 2 base game compatible.

    You could not download her because of problems with mediafire obviously, glad everything is okay now.

  5. Thank you, I have her now yay!

    Hope maybe you can share more of your lovely models with us soon :))

    Thank you for your wonderful creations Kotangens!

  6. Congrats :)
    I plan to share more, but not sure people will like them ._.

    Thank you for kind words <3

  7. Oh don't say that! Everything I have seen of your work is so beautiful :)

    I'll keep checking back here for more updates ^^

    Hmm, is there a site I can register besides here or some way to know right away when you have new updates?

  8. Thank you again :)

    Well, you may "foolow" this blog like other 87 people do that. Hope you see that button.

    Or you may use, it's truly awesome site which I use for a long time and pretty happy with it. But sometimes it may show updates later than they were actually posted.

  9. чудо-девочка!! видимо я пропустила тот момент, когда ты ее на ГОС выкладывал :( взяла к себе в компанию ;)

  10. Это было почти два года назад :D
    Спасибо, буду рад если ты приютишь её у себя :)))

  11. thank´s a lot for sharing, now i have 3 of your models ! anne, michelle and gwen !! yay !! i like another one but i don´t know her name :( she looks like a latin girl hehehehe, like always i love your job and I consider myself a fan of yours, I visit many many site with sims stuff but I must confess that I really like your site and stay here :)


    1. Haha "Collect all the models!" :D
      Glad you like her and other my creations, thank you for visiting! :)

  12. I am having a problem downloading it, do I need a mediafire account?

  13. How did you guys download her? She wont appear in my game :(

    1. 1. It's Sims 2
      2. Install her with Sims2Pack Clean Installer (google for it if you haven't it yet!)

      Good luck :)

  14. hey guess what you used my name and you spelled it right!

  15. that is so funny you used my name ha!


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