Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coolsims Fh#43 Retextures + Alpha Edit

 • mesh by Coolsims is not included, get it here
• works for all ages
• 11 colours
• textures by Nouk, modified by me 
• binned and familified

Hope you will enjoy them! :)

Models  - Anais by Ash, Irina & Carrie by Kotangens, Rihanna by Helena


  1. Rihanna looks so beautiful like always, it's saaad, that u couldn't send me her :(

  2. I don't share models. Especially when they were made by other people, in this case it's 100% impossible. Stop whining, please.

  3. You said only to your friends which u can trust :DD So we can be friends lol I have vkontakte.ru profile even if i'm not russian, but Norwegian and how i know there's most popular site in the Russia :DD

  4. No, I share only my own models with close friends. I can not share models which were made not by me, it can not be even discussed.
    E-mail Helena and wait for the answer, that's all what I can say.

  5. Ok I got it..Can u write me her e-mail?because idk how to find there :D

  6. I won't write her e-mail here.
    Write me to kotangenssims@gmail.com

  7. I do not see differences between this version and the original version. What has changed?

  8. In my version bangs are pretty much shorter.

  9. The retextures look great! Where did you get the clothes that Rihanna is wearing in the first picture?

  10. Thank you, Jay! I don't remember, will try to find out, but can't promise anything!


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