Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PeggyZone SG Nov' 2011 Retextures

 • mesh by PeggyZone is included
• works for all ages
• 11 colours
• textures by Nouk, modified by me 
• binned and familified

Well yeah, Irina is posing alone, that's not because she's that bitchy and nobody wants to pose with her hehe. Her partner just dissappeared with no reason and I was too lazy to re-start the game. 
K, Idk why I'm explaining it, nobody cares :D

Enjoy! :)

Models  - Stephanie by Denis Hilton, Irina & Alexandra by Kotangens


  1. So sweet! Thank you so much!

  2. Micky, thank you, glad you enjoy it :)

  3. Hi Kotangens! I love it, thank you so much. Good job, you are so cool<3 Hugs and Kiss from France ;P Pixiie.


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