Saturday, November 26, 2011

PeggyZone Fh#007960 Retextures

Uhh, history homework took almost all of my time. So all what I will drop here today is just one hair retexture, I'm sorry. ._.

PeggyZone Fh#007960 Retextures
• mesh by PeggyZone is included
• works for all ages
• 12 colours
• textures by Nouk, modified by me 
• binned and familified

Colour: Dark Brown

Some other different colour variations: Rose, Light Red, Blond

Retextures with Rose binned as "Black"
(7.7 MB)

 Retextures with Rose binned as "Red"
(7.7 MB)



  1. Great hair!
    Irina looks good with those glasses. :)

  2. It's awesome thank you so much! :D
    Where can I find Irina's outfit please?

  3. ааафигеееть *_* это одна из моих самых любимых причесок у пегги :)

  4. Cindy, thank you :) I love how she looks with them too ^ ^

    Nicky, thank you, glad you like it! It's from FemmeFatale.

    Anon, спасибо )

  5. wohoo Irina became brunette!! :D

  6. I didn't find it *whines* xD
    Thank you anyway, I'm looking forward to see other of your splendid works.

  7. where can i get those glasses? love them!

  8. Hey, I was wondering how long it usually takes you to completely retexture a set of hairs. I want to do a few old hairs I downloaded ages ago, but I don't want to spend ages doing it.

  9. Jou, she will change her hair colour sometimes :D

    Micky, thank you :)

    Anon, they were made by me, I will upload them one day. You may find almost the same one at Femme Fatale :)

    Kristen, 30-40 minutes I guess. Sometimes it's difficult for me to properly paste my texture on the original so I may re-do everything for 3-4 times or even more. If you want then you need to try it out, maybe you will enjoy the process and it won't matter how many minutes it takes :)

  10. like always i love your work !!!!! congrats!
    mikami :)

  11. Hey. I can collect eyebrows from that part how has Irina? )


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