Friday, November 25, 2011


Hi! Just a quick question about Rose hair colour. I see that the half of voters would prefer it binned as Red, not Black. In this case there would be 4 families, 2 full, 1 with 3 colours and 1 with Rose colour, is it okay for you?
I may make two archives with hair retextures, 1 with Rose as "Black", one with Rose as "Red".

And ah, I will show you my new colours today later. And hopefully will upload something. If not, than it will be on Sunday since tomorrow after school I'm leaving home and going to Aunt's to celebrate her Birthday :)


  1. School on saturday, seriously?;o woah :D

  2. Anon, yeah. From the 5th grade. But as I heard, now it's even in 4th grade. Poor little children >_>

    I would like to have more classes in Monday-Friday than have less, but study on Saturday, nah.

  3. I don't understand what you're saying about the bins. Can you explain how some families are full while others are not? Like is there a certain amount of colors that have to be binned in a family to make it considered "full"? Thanks!

  4. Sorry for double posting but can you also name the 4 families lol I'm so nooby at this stuff :(
    Is it just black, blond, brown, red?

  5. Emily, I will tell you it in the way my friend Rosie explained it to me :D
    One family must contain max 4 colours. It's okay to have 3/2/1 colour as well, but not 5 and more, it may cause game's crashes!
    So 4 colours is perfect, 1 for Blond, 1 for Red, 1 for Brown and 1 for Black.

    What do you mean?
    If about my families, I have them in this way (from left to right - Black, Brown, Blond, Red):
    1. Black - Light Brown - Blond - Light Red
    2. Raven - Dark Brown - Cream - Dark Red
    3. Rose - Almost Black - Platinum - Super Red

    But since some visitors prefer to have Rose as Red, I do 2nd version of 3rd family: Almost Black - Platinum - Super Red (3 colours in family, without Black one) and + only Rose as Red as another 4th family.

    I hope you will get what I wanted to say :)

  6. Yes I understood it thank you for explaining :)


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