Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Work it.

I just decided to do an Advent calendar :O You know, it's when you get something new every day. In this case it means you will get one update every day!

Awh I'm so exited, I need so many things to do!

And here's preview of upcoming hairs, I'm too tired for binning them right now, so decided to upload them tomorrow.
Good night <3


  1. Gorgeous! I'm really excited *_*
    I don't really like the blue eyeshadow but it suits Irina so well!

  2. Micky, happy to hear it ^ ^
    I like those eyeshadows, and all in all Irina should not looks same at every picture, should she? :D

  3. when will you upload the previews from Sunday, October 9, 2011? The hairs by Cazy and Anto, can't wait for them <3
    I don't even download the original ones, I always wait for your version. Thank you so much for your time and patience! Keep it up!

  4. Caty, uhh, I need to add Rose colour to them and then I will upload them :)
    Really? Oh I'm flattered :,)
    Thank you for such kind words <3

  5. Awww I am looking forward to it!
    Can you tell me which Eyeshadow Irina wears on the right picture?

  6. Cindy, thank you!
    You mean blue ones? They're by FemmeFatale.

  7. Same as Caty I don't download originals either! I only have your hairs in my game :) So can you please make more male hairs lol I only have 1 of yours and 3 from some other sites that retextured them :)

  8. Oops I meant I only have your hair in my game for females I'm forced to download others for my males :)

  9. Alicia, oh I really can't believe someone loves my retextures that much :,)
    You will get tons of my hale retextures soon! :))

  10. Iiiih!!! Can't wait :D This calendar is going to be so great <3


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