Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent calendar!

Hello, dear visitors!
Since today Advent Calendar will be started, if you don't know what is it, let me poorly explain it :)
Every day you will find one new shiny gift, I still don't know what exactly it will be: couple of hair retextures, make-up, clothing, models, anything! Me (Kot) and Alex (who's extremely busy, sadly) will try to surprise you ;)
There will be 31 gift, 1 gift per day obviously.

I apologize in advance for any delay since I have no free time, school and extra courses take it all.

Hope you will get lots of fun with this Calendar :)


  1. It's really kind!
    Thank you Kotagens. And thank you Alex.

  2. Thank you this is the best Christmas year :)

  3. Micky, glad you like it! :))

    Emily, hehe you can imagine how I enjoy to know this blog made you feel a little bit happier :)


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