Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gift N30


I know I'm too late, but hey someone needs to finish this 2011 stuff hehe :)

Want to represent you my most adorable and cutest collection :D

Special thanks to Alleliua for awesome previews

Nyan Cat Set: Part 1
- 2 separate tops -

• find at separate tops
 • YF-AF
• mesh is included
• mesh and base texture by Sentate
Yellow version

 Grey version

(506.39 KB)

Nyan Cat Set: Part 2
- necklace -

• find at glasses
 • YF-AF
• mesh by Aikea Guinea is included

(83.76 KB)


  1. Awesome necklace. Nyan Nyan <3

  2. Cindy Sim, thank you :)

    Sanne, haha thank you :D nyan nyan <3

  3. OMG! I love it!
    So cute! Thank you very much.
    Au revoir !

  4. Eheh, it's very cute :3
    Thanks, as usual!

  5. Omg this is AWSOME! <3 Also, which of Jirka's models is the model on your banner? :) Thankyou!

  6. Dream.come.true.Nyan-nyan.
    For the last gift you should upload your sim Irina, She's soo gorgeous and my favorite out of your models! haha

  7. Kotangens you are PRICELESS!
    Nyan Cat and Pokemon?
    I love you <3 lol :3

  8. Pixiie, thank you!

    Micky, glad you like it hehe :)

    Kellie, thank you! It's Adriana Lima, my fav model (in real life, haha) :)

    Anon, nyan-nyan! :DDD
    Haha thank you :)

    vee, happy to see you like it! :))) <3

  9. Thanks! Haha, does she look good in game? Oh, and where is her hair from in your banner? Looks good ;)

  10. Kellie, I don't know, it's not my art but my friend's. Download her from booty and see by yourself :)
    Hair is by PeggyZone, original textures.

  11. Sounds good, thanks!

  12. Oh,I love the Yellow version!! Thankies! =D

  13. Ahhh, the shirt may be my favorite gift of all the gifts (mmmmmmmmmmmaybe) @.@
    It has so much of the crap I like jumbled in it.
    For one it has a bunch of cats, and my nickname's Kat B], but all the cats I love. Like nyannnnn cat, garfield, some cats from the game Animal Crossing, and a few cartoons/animes I've watched. AND THERE'S MORE! The necklace, the amazing icing on the cake. :'D This set is full of awesome JUSTSAYIN'. I love you Kotangens! <3
    (and as for my URL shit goes, I didn't really have a proper one so I just used my tumblr.. o.o)

    1. Hi Katerina :)
      Thnk you so much for SUCH KIND WORDS :") ♥
      Happy to know this gift was a really your cup of tea hehe.

  14. Ive only just come across this site but OMG i must have been living in a fecking hole for years!! This set has just made my day, not arsed if my pc can handle all the gb's of cc but meh to it.

    I love cats, just like the person in the above post. You are fecking awesumsauce!!!

    1. Haha thank you! Glad you like this site! :)))
      Have fun! :D


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