Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New 2012 Year!

Hi, dears :)

Want to congratulate everybody with New 2012 Year!

Wish you all as usually lots of health, happiness, love, smiles and all such wonderful stuff :) 
I hope all of you having nice holidays!

All gifts and many delicious things will be uploaded very soon, stay tuned! <3 It's just previews who take lots of time.

PS As you noticed, old chatbox is switched off so I found abother one, hope you like it. Try it out! :D



  1. i'm sorry.. but when you write Kot at the end.. it looks like a word кот. and that's funny,, lol

  2. wOOh.x3, actually my Russian friends used to call me Кот :D short of Котангенс. ) so there's nothing special for me haha.

  3. I wish you a happy new year too! I hope you'll find some time to take a break from school, retextures to do, whatever(if you're tired of it, of course :) I hope you understand what I mind... Nevermind xD


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