Sunday, February 12, 2012

*** 900.000 hit! ***

Hello :)
This is our small "Thank you" for hit 900.000 views!

Amount of views of our tiny blog is growing up so fast, it will be 1.000.000 earlier than the end of this month! 1 effin' million. Jeesus!
Haters gonna hate, potatos gonna potate, if you know what I mean. lol

Thank you all so much for your visits, comments and e-mails, thank you for downloading and enjoying our content!
It's officially more than 200.000 downloads from Mediafire already, we get ~700 downloads per day!
I know I always write it, but omg omg, I could not even imagine blog will became such popular among simmers! ^-^
Thank you all, sweethearts! You're the one why I'm (Kot) still dealing with Sims 2 :,)
Hope you will enjoy new updates!
St. Valentine day is coming up and who knows, maybe you will get something special from HS at this day (just sayin'!) ^ ^

Hugs from Kotangens and MissSplean.


I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment :)