Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hi, dears :)

Sorry for disappearing, busy with RL + feeling ill a bit >_>

Here's what I came up with today, 4 male hairs (maybe will try to convert them for girls).
Made everything in my 12 colours + 18 Pooklet's (kill me please !_!)

From left to right:

Butterfly Sims Mh 34 
Butterfly Sims Mh 41
NewSea YU094 CoolishWalk
Butterfly Sims Mh 43

You may see my usual blond + Pooklet's "Volatile" colours.

xx Kotangens


  1. Just got blown away by your new header. Wow, looks fabolous!
    I like the hair a lot, especially the first one.

    1. Yep, thanks to Max for it :)
      Glad you like it!

  2. Whoaa,awesome hairs!! Love them!
    I hope the second and the last hairs could be convert for girls,hehhe...
    Btw,are you feeling better now..?? I hope everything is okay,I miss your great job~~~!! x3
    Of course I know you must be busy,just take your time (but don't take too long,hehheh xD)
    Get well soon,Kot! Miss you!! ^w^b

    P.S: Umm,I think you meant is left to right,isn't it..? Because you mention CoolishWalk as the third..

    1. Thank you :)
      Idk, just feel weird, don't want to eat and have headaches from time to time.

      Yep, thanks for telling, will fix it now :)

    2. I think you need more rest and sleep,Kot. When I woke up almost every night too frequently I had headache as well. Don't force yourself too hard..! =)
      Thank you for everything ^^

  3. I kill you! There are many colors Pooklet! I prefer only 4 colors!

    1. "feeling ill a bit"
      Oh!Really? Improvements to you Kot.

    2. Thank you!
      lol I know, that's so a lot, I could do 2x more hairs with my usual colorus instead of making 18 extra Pooklet's colours. If they have not a big amount of downloads, I will stop doing them :)

    3. Yep,actually I prefer only 4 colors as well,18 extra is too much,hehhe

  4. These look gorgeous, can't wait to see them released. Thank you. I've been busy with RL myself, but I plan on emailing you sometime soon about retexturing.

  5. Hi Kotangens, this is my blog, i put some photos of sims models,but i don't know what type of program you use to do those incredibles photos. ok this is my blog:

    1. Hi Michael.
      Your most important problem is over-editing. For example here - Why did you add that noise? It didn't make your picture look better at all.
      Make all ingame setting to highest (for the moment of taking shot). Make a small edit in Photoshop, make picture slightly brighter (if it's dark), that's all. Don't over-edit your pictures, it's a bit mistake.
      More effects doesn't mean your picture will look prettier!

      P.S. download screenshot-maker program, it makes better screens then usual "Print Screen button" :)

  6. Thanks you so much, but the quality is so bad :(

  7. thanks yo so much Clark :D


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