Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hello there :) Is anybody still here? >_>

Want to apologize for not updating blog, real life (school in particular) ate all my time. I'm gonna organise all my uploads and finish previews today-tomorrow. Btw Splean already made her gift for 1.000.000 and it's soooooooo awesome. I mean, super awesome! I was excited to put my arms on it and already checked it in Bodyshop. Oh my god, you all gonna love her part of gift so much!

And now, minute of attention, please.
About links, seems Mediafire blocked it, lol. Or just has temporary problems, I don't know. But whatever, I decided to stop using it, so from now you will get all downloads linked straight to Mediafire. Splean did same, she thinks that if using adfly makes our visitor's feel uncomfortable, then there's no point in continuing using it :)
All links will be fixed as soon as we with Splean have enough free time for it. Everything is fixed already :)

It was caused nor by those silly blogs where people re-uploaded our creations (we deleted ALL of them :)), neither it was caused by haters.
I reached 150$ goal and that's more than enough for me for paying for site domain for several years and my small spendings. Thank you everyone so much! :)

And special public thanks to Pooklet for helping me to make this decision, they're really sweet and awesome person :)

xoxo Kotangens


  1. Can't wait for the 1.000.000 views gift :D
    I hope you guys are fine and not too tired because of all the stuff that happened lately ^O^
    Keep up the hard work!

  2. Thanks Kotangens. Looking forward to new stuff.

  3. I'm here! <(^_^)> I always will be 'cause I am a fan of all the works on here. :) Beautiful stuff! No need to apologize for Real Life issues Lol! It's life, after all, and we all have one! ^-^ Nothing to apologize for that. Glad to see you're still breathing and well! That's what matters here. Take your time. Beautiful work should never be created in hastiness. :) Thank you for all you've done thus far! This site is great. :) I will love it always. <3

    1. 3 Words... I love you!
      It's people like you that make me excited to create sims content!
      So thank you, darling ^_^


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