Saturday, March 3, 2012

Splean, we love you!

Hi again.
It's me, Kot. I wanted to say, some trolls were extremely rude to our lovely Splean, judging her for the way she talk about herself at her own blog, for the way she live her life and such stuff. Yes, that's completely pointless, though it makes her sad.

Some trolls know that she will be upset because of rude things and continue to cyberbully her again and again.

Talking bad things about person, call him with bad words, judge him - it's the way those trolls think normal human being should act, that's just hilarious. People should learn to manage their own behaviour at first, until it they should keep their mouths closed about others, shouldn't they?

Splean is very upset and she's near to the edge to leave the community.

So I'm here to suggest you to say a couple of kind words to our Spleanie in the comment section, support her saying not the whole Sims community is that bad and it's totally worth to be there.

Every single message will be very appreciate!

Spleanie, you're really admirable and wonderful person, we love you! Never give up!

All the Hypotizers.


  1. ~~Hi~~Splean, don't give up. In our world many MANY rude people and all of as been their victims. Don't pay attention on them. They just jealous because they can't do anything usuable for other people, so they fill that part making other people feel bad. Ignore them. Keep making clothes. I really believe that you get more good comments than bad. There are still many people who loves you creation. Be strong ^-^

    ~~Raigis (BlueDolphinSims)~~

  2. Splean, don't give up! One day you'll become as strong as Kotagens lol.
    Seriously, I'm really happy to see your beautiful creations. A famous singer said "Be who you are no matter what. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are the most beautiful thing in the world." and he's right. Don't mind stupid haters who harass people because they don't have anything to do. It's just pure nastiness, and nobody needs that.

  3. Both of you, Kotangens and Splean should just fuck off, do everyone a favor and be cunts somewhere else.

    1. The only person who should go away is you. How dumb you need to be to hate this place and visit it regularly? What's wrong with you, dear?

    2. How sad is it to post anonymous troll-posts online?? Get a life looser.

    3. We're all anonymous on the internet, sweetie.

    4. Gee,what is wrong with you??? How could you be so mean?? What is their fault to you,huh?!
      Just get lost!

    5. No were are not all anonymous. The cowards are though.

    6. Who's treatening you to visit this website? If you don't like it then don't visit it how stupid are you honey??? Everything you are doing is tearing the people down who like this site and have fun with it. So would you just fuck off, leave us alone and troll somewhere else?
      And woohoo so you're anonymous watch out we got a badass over here! Are you feeling better now? Self-conscious? Mighty? You poor poor poor sweetie you must have very bad inferiority complex when you think you can compensate it by mocking around... Get a life, honestly!

  4. Splean you are great creator and I bet a great person, don't be upset! It's impossible to make everyone loves you, any way there always will be haters no matter what you do and no matter in real life on in internet. Keep strong!

  5. MisSplean, you're a nice person and a nice creator. Stay strong,because hypnotized sims will not be the same whitout you!

    i love your creations and im sure your a great person. how you see yourself and your life style is no ones business! your beautiful, nice, and extremely talented. Those are the kinda people we need in this world. kotangens does a great job, but it wouldn't be the same without you! stay strong and never change♥

    ps: personally i love your blog :3

  7. Hey, this is internet and people think they're super powerful on the internet and will continue to say rude stuffs, because they have no life and nothing else to do:) But i wonder if they could say these rude things in real life? Actually i don't think so :) Splean, just ignore them. We love your creations this is really beautiful, please continue to create!!!! <333

  8. Graveyard DancerMarch 3, 2012 at 5:48 PM

    to the douche that posted Mar 3, 2012 05:32 AM. and Mar 3, 2012 03:12 AM.

    1st : if your going to talk sh*t don't be anonymous.
    2nd : f*ck off. if you don't like it leave. its people like you that make me lose faith in humanity. no one likes a key board warrior. picking on someone who is already depressed just proves you are the scum of the earth. grow a pair and start acting your age.

    1. Just saying, we're ALL anonymous on the internet. You can give me your screen name, you can give me your email, I still won't know who on earth you are. It doesn't make any difference if we post as "xxxSakura-chan13xxx" or anonymous.
      And even if they gave you their full address, what would it matter? Are you going to drive to their house, knock on the door and tell them to shut up?

      I don't mean to start a fight. It just always confuses me when people scold someone for posting "anonymously". I, for one, don't have an account on LJ, facebook, tumblr or anything, so I post anonymously. So what?

    2. Graveyard DancerMarch 5, 2012 at 5:57 AM

      There is an option to leave a name. Anonymous people are cowards.
      Doesn't matter if you know them personally, but you gain a certain amount of respect for people when they put themselves in the open.

    3. My name is AnonymousMarch 8, 2012 at 2:22 AM

      Registering a fictional name on the internet doesn't make your opinion any more valid, Mr Dancer.

    4. Graveyard DancerMarch 8, 2012 at 5:36 AM

      Miss actually. Real names Autumn Shay, Graveyard Dancer is my nick name which is what most people refer to me as.

    5. Still the same AnonMarch 9, 2012 at 9:49 PM

      Sorry, Miss. But it's hard to tell.

  9. Don't quit Splean! We who MATTERS, the normal, simsfans loves you and your work, and don't give a damn about sad people who have to hide behind a computer to be mean to people they don't know! It's so pathetic!

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Are you like in love with Splean or something?
      You're trolling...but you're also stalking secretly love her don't cha? Don't be shy and just say you love her instead of trying to get her attention by being a fugly troll.

  11. Well, there are trolls everywhere lurking in the internet, some people may not be able to deal with them, so psychologically Splean should take a break from the internet and come back whenever she's ready. But I'll join in and encourage her to stay strong and stay and continue with her creations. She is good in what she does for the simmer community. :)

    Usually how I'll deal with a troll is amuse them xD they are generally a bunch of funny creatures and should not be taken seriously. They are just a bunch of loners who are trying to fit in by being mean and cynical. So don't mind them! They probably don't have much fans like you do Splean.

    Keep rocking! XOXOXO

  12. Seriously, the internet is a giant piece of crap, so it's no way to avoid trolls and stupid idiots who don't have a normal life and just want to say rude things to people who they don't even know. It's pointless to make drama and being depressed, just don't look at that trolls, really. Why leaving community? Don't care what others are saying, if there are still people who likes you, Splean, just talk to them and laugh at the trolls. This is a sims community, don't take it all so serious. Do what you love to do.
    If some anon wrote a stupid things on tumblr, just disable anon answers from ask box. If someone wrote hate comment, just delete it.
    A lot of people should just grow up. The haters, and you, Splean - I mean, grow up to a point when you can be strong and when you can finally believe that there are a lot of people who love your creations, and that it's the only thing that you should take personally. You should see only love and not hate. Because you can't run away from hate in the internet, you just have to ignore it.

  13. Just ignore them,Spleanie! They're just stupid and jealous. Keep creating and be strong!! =DD
    You're a kind person and good creator,just be yourself and enjoy the life,just pretend they're not exist,there are more many people who loves your creations and waiting for moaaarrr...!

    Just like what Micky said,you have to be as strong as Kotangens! Hehheh
    So please don't leave,Spleanie! We l<3ve youuuu ;D

  14. It's hard and I'm not going to say it's not. It hurts. I got my first hate secret and yes it stings, but it wasn't nearly as bad as what you have had to put up with. You have a lot people holding onto you. Hang on.

  15. Splean!!! Never let them bring you down! I know it's hard. It's difficult to resist the sadness that comes with bullying--believe me, I know how that feels. Many of us, I'm sure, do. And so, you're not alone in this. The people that matter are the ones who don't do such horrible things to you, the ones you love in your life. Those are who REALLY matter, not trolls. To listen to them, to give in to their harsh words is losing to them--giving them what they want. You must not give in to them. The only way to beat them is to never be brought down by them. Think of this as a test of inner strength and faith in yourself. If you believe you're a good person, if you believe you're strong, you'll get through this with out a prob! :D Do not give up, do not despair. I don't know you well...but I can tell you have a good heart. So, do not let useless people who judge, criticize you for who you are, and for what you do in your life beat you down to a pulp with words. Really, they're not very bright. By doing that, they're just furthering their idiocy...and especially now that there are people who know of this and support you. ROFL! Not too bright of those meanies... xP If they're picking on They don't have a life. O_o And naturally, if one of 'em saw this, they'd think we don't have a life 'cause we're defending someone good by leaving comments, since for most of use, that's all we can do for you. Yeahhhh...we really don't have life. :P *sarcasm, cough! Cough!* Such horrid people should NEVER be given the pleasure of winning and bringing a person down. >:o So, fight, live, hang on, and give them dissatisfaction! It's a tough road...but after awhile and enduring, you'll find you've become strong inside and the things that use to hurt never hurt you again. :) I've found that out myself. ^_^ Do not give in to despair! *hugs*

  16. Dear Miss Spelan!
    I experienced bullying in school and also in cyberspace and I know what it's like and how much it tears you down. Just don't care about those people whose only pleasure in life it is to hurt other people and watch them going down. It's so pathetic and I must admit I feel pity for this people who can't find another way of joy in their life because when you reached this level of boredom your life is already destroyed in my eyes.
    But don't you ever let those people and their pathetic writings affect your life and your feelings! They know nothing, N-O-T-H-I-N-G about you and your life. Whenever you see such comments insulting or mocking you just delete them at once without reading them and don't you care about those idiots!
    You have a lot of fans who adore and admire you for your fanatstic work and although I don't know you personally and am not in a position to judge you I must say that I think a person who creates so much beauty can't be a bad one :)
    Look at 1.047.000 hits - that means you have over a million people behind your back!!! If you need backup - anytime, my dear!
    I believe that every member of this wonderful online community all around the world - I personally come from Germany - after reading about your suffering is hugging and embracing you in their thoughts for they can't be with you in real life and so do I. Don't you ever let them win! They are desparate and pathetic and you are so much stronger than them!
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses ♥

  17. omg you guys. >___< I cried so hard when I read what you guys said!
    OMG I don't even know what to say...

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am speechless.^__^

  18. I just wanted to say that the stuff you guys make is so very lovely and that I'm grateful that you've shared it with us. Sorry that some trolls have been cruel to Splean, but the majority of us think you're great and wish you only the best. Don't let some jerk get you down Splean, you should know you're awesome! I hope you don't let these incidents get to you down. *waves fists at cyber bullies*
    Hope you're well, Splean!

  19. Thanks for yout very lovely blog!I love this!♥

  20. haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate! <3 i love your creations, as do a ton of othjer people! dont let trolls keep you from the ones who really appreciate you!


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