Friday, March 16, 2012

OH MY GOD! Is Kotangens a thief?!?

I didn't want to make this publicity, but seems I have no choice.
According to "secret" post and Zauma's private messages to me, I stole Zauma's works and claimed them as my own.

Some info you should know before, this posted stuff by Zauma was friends-only at that time, so one person which I adore a lot asked is there any possibility to get them. Since I love the idea of baggy sweaters and cute prints on them, I volunteered to try. However I didn't want to make identical stuff, so I used the pictures which I like.
I got textures from Misomoso and got converted Amaryll's M2F mesh by Trapping. And that's how I got these sweaters which I decided to share not only with friend, but with everybody.

I don't know is it Zauma's bad English or she just doesn't understand meaning of word "theft", but all in all she has absolutely no rights to call me thief. Nobody has, actually.
As well Zauma has no rights to call Misomoso's textures hers (that what she tried to prove me via PMs).

I had the idea of doing such stuff since I first saw male version by Misomoso, but just was too lazy to do it. Friend's request and Zauma's work were a good stimulus, have I ever tried to hide this fact? I didn't mention Zauma in credits for inspiration because I forgot to, it's not first time of messing up things at my posts. But after such disgusting way of noticing me via hate secret and disgusting behaviour of actual creator, I definitely won't.

Actual secret:

I won't post her messages here, but the idea of them is simple - I copied textures from her (I got if from her.. pants. jeesus) and didn't give her a credit.
The fact that I posted my stuff on 10th of January, the time when her stuff including the pants was friends-only, doesn't bother her at all.

(Zauma believes that's where from I got textures. seriously. no jokes)

As well, Zauma told me she was the very first person in the world who made such sweaters for females. When the truth is - Trapping was.
I would never put up this shit at this blog, but the fact Zauma began to talk about that dirty secret everywhere left me with no choice.

I'm posting it since I want to close the topic of me "stealing" Zauma's works forever and ever.

And please, don't tell me I should have my own ideas. I have lots of my own interesting ideas, which inspired enough people, I just don't act like a scumbag making a drama of it.

P.S. Commenting is closed, the best what you could do - just knowing the truth. Discussion of it is not necessarily.

P.P.S. Sorry for disappearing! Hypnotized Sims will surprise all of you guys very-very soon :)