Thursday, June 21, 2012

5 Everyday Outfits!

Hello everyone, it's Miss Splean!
I have made 5 Everyday Outfits that come with 2 different shoes!

These outfits are rather old ones I shared on my old site, 
before I joined on here with Kotangens!
 I changed the pants to more suitable ones, and I transferred each outfit 
onto two different meshes!

There are 10 outfits all together, because all the outfits come with 
Black Ballet Flats and Brown Oxford Shoes!

Now for some credits!

The black pants texture is by the extremely talented ModaInside!
The brown Oxford shoes are by the Lovely Trapping!
The Mesh with the Black Ballet Flats is by Cynnix over at GOS 
And the new full body mesh with Trappings oxfords is by me.
Every top I used are from different dead sites that you can find here.
The two meshes are included in the download.



  1. thanks a lot, Spleanie!
    those outfits are just great =)

    1. Well thank you! I'm happy you like them!!! :D

  2. Do the outfits come with the tattoo?

    1. No, the tattoo is not included. It is a part of the skintone the sim has.

  3. Hello, can you please do separates like these ? This sweater with heart and separate jeans like these beautiful white shoes with socks if it's possible, because I LOVE IT! It's so beautiful and I love your stuff which you did too! Downloaded everything ;>

  4. P.s I can send you link where you can see a lot better what she wears or I can send you shirt, jeans and shoes links separate!

  5. I can try to do the separates, but no promises. My game currently crashed, and I've been trying to see if I could fix it. I may have to uninstall my games, and re-install. Which with the busy time I'm having at the moment, it may be a while.
    (I'm having living situation issues and family issues)
    So, I'll save the picture you shared, and I'll see what I can do.

  6. I really needed something casual for my story. Thx so much !

  7. I love everything on this website but can't seem to download it properly. I click download and it downloads but it says it's an adobe file and comes up in adobe and it's all confusing and just dosn't work :L I'm fine with zip files and everything but this is confusing. Please help I really love this website!

  8. Hey, Should I put the Pics in i started useing sims 2 CC yesterday and i need help

  9. Can you pleaaaase email me this skintone i really want this tattoo


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