Thursday, July 5, 2012

We're still alive. Honestly!

Hey-ho, Hypontizers! Kotangens is in da house! :{D
I'm finally back. All exams are finished, I got new monitor (old one unexpectedly burnt). Also, I got 252/300 in sum for three exams (English+Russian+Social Rights) and that's a lot, I have to say! My friends/classmates, who studied the whole year (or maybe even 2 years) preparing for exams and spending loads of monies for extra teachers got ~180-200 points. And here I am, playing sims and spending whole year in front of computer chatting with friends, creating stuff for Sims and taking parts in dramas (lol), who got 252! I'm glad I can't read people's minds, I bet I would not be happy to know how some jealous bastards wish me to burn in hell with my piece of luck :DDD

So, I spent a lot of time visiting different universities deciding where I want to study. Two days ago me and my bestie went to SPbSU (the most famous and high-quality uni in our city), I've never even thought about studying there, even for money (~$7500 per year, baby). But with my points I have a great chance to study there for free! However, it would be very difficult to do, I believe. You know, teachers will do everything to make you either pay them (hey there, corruption) or make you fail (because who needs free students?) >_<

Also I want to try to send my results to one FInland's uni! Several people passed in some universities of it, so I want to try, too. I know that one girl from our school passed in Holland and one boy even in China hehe :) Though I afraid it would be difficult for me to study everything in English.

That was all about me and my life for now.

Would you like to know about upcoming content?

I've made some accessories and stuff for my trade-off with Maron ♥, now I need to make previews. Also, there are tuns of hairs for sure. And khm, not just retextures. With help of one talented friend of mine, I created a brand new hair mesh! ^__^ I would not say it's amazing or smth, not even original, but I'm quite happy with it as my 1st try ever :)
Also, I want to create clothes again, I saved a lot of photos of clothing, even male ones. That's a real pleasure to create it *_*

Sorry for such a huge delay. Hope you didn't think Hypnotized Sims is dead, because it's not at all ;~;

And some sad news, MissSplean's game crashed for some reasons, so she took a small hiatus.

Have a great day! ♥


  1. I'm glad to hear you're doing well, Kotangens. And congratulations on your exams! I wish you luck with whichever University you pick.

    I'm very much looking forward to seeing more content from you - I'm especially curious about your first hair mesh. I hope you update soon :D

    1. Thanks a lot, DD :)

      Hehe yeah, I can't wait to upload it :)

  2. I'm happy you're still creating! I love your hairs and clothing :D

  3. I know the feeling, I would always get A's on tests & quizzes in History,and I would never study for them XD
    Lovely creations by the way

  4. Елена ПетроваJuly 19, 2012 at 9:57 AM

    Молодец! Нынешним школьникам существенно упростил этот егэ жизнь. И на какую специальность вы хотите поступать? В любом случае, желаю удачи с зачислением, и спасибо за чудесные прически!

    1. Спасибо! Некоторым и испортил) особенно тем, кого спалили со шпаргалками или телефонами. Я, если честно, и сам не знаю. Подал в СПБГУ на "Социологию" (хотя не знаю, что это такое), т.к. 100% прохожу туда на бюджет. Ещё в один университет на "Конфликтологию". И ещё в разных местах подал на всяие менеджементы, муниципальные управления и прочее) Хотя по сути я выбираю между СПБГУ и Политехом (туда на рекламу и на платное юрид.), т.к. в них есть военная кафедра, куда мне нужно попасть во избежание последующей службы в армии.
      Рад, что они вам нравятся :)


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