Friday, November 30, 2012

Ahm, hello.

Oh my god.
I believed there would be a couple of people who will write some words how sad they are. But I swear I had no idea there would be so many of you, I swear.

There was no such purpose of my post to fish for some good words or to seek some attention. I strongly decided to leave the community because of all difficulties and depressing things I had to and have to face, I even already told my RL friend my password asking to change it later and never tell me the new one, seriously.

All the messages in chatbox and those touching comments. You guys, why would you appear only when I'm at a critical point deciding to leave?

You make me feel so weird, like I'd be the awful person if I leave you without new creations -_-

However, my appreciation for all your kind words is beyond expression, I just read each, stood up, walked around the room and then sat down and began to read the next one. So weird!

Last night I had an idea (yes, all the ideas come to me at the nighty-night time) that we can make a deal!
Simple as that - you comment my work (simple "Thanks" is more than enough, really) to not make me feel like I create only for myself, <...> and I upload my work from time to time for you. Wouldn't it be the normal interrelation, which has to exist between creator and guests?
If that's deal, than okay, you win, I stay, everybody is happy C:
But as soon as I see no feedback, I close the comment section, remove the chat-box and stop updating the blog without any warnings. I'm tired of leech kind of relationship between us and I see no other way to deal with it. If you have any other options - I'm always here to listen to you.

Waiting for your decision,


  1. Thank you for staying with us :) I think the deal sounds pretty fair, at least we receive so much of you and I think in exchange to click a few ads and comment your gorgeous work is really not too much asked for (honestly, guys!). I'm really relieved of your descicion you honour us by staying ^_^ And as some people already said, no need to hurry, we know you are busy with exams and private life, and we are grateful fo every bit of time you decide to share with us. Your creations truly are worth waiting for!!! We love you and it's time we show a bit more gratitude - no one wants to see our Kot depressed ;)))

  2. Thank you kotangens i like that decision very much i really really want you to stay your my favorite creator and i love your stuff soo much that when you said were leaving i stayed up all night and i refused to go to sleep until i downloaded everything i tried to leave comments on everything but it was alot but i did click the thank you button on every single thing, i really appreciate you and all that you do, i'm glad you're staying i could care less when you upload or if you upload i'm just glad you're going to stick around, thank you soo much Kot, i love you and your beautiful talented creative mind<3:D

    One of your biggest fans from the USA

  3. Thank you Kotagen for not leaving <3!

  4. Hello Kotangens, I've been downloading your hair retextures for awhile now. They are the ONLY hairs that I download. I definitely know how it feels when you go out of your way to try and make things for people and they seem as if they don't care. OR, they just snatch up anything that is up for grabs as long as it is there. I'm guilty enough to say that I don't comment a lot. I do read every post of yours and still don't comment. You're right when you say it's the laziness. But you're never lazy when it comes to creating for us and in order for us to receive we have to give back to you.

    We all have personal lives outside of the Sims, and you do as well. My point here is that I truly love what you create and I understand exactly how you feel. It's only respectful that we respect you because it's your hard work and your precious time.

    I apologize that the announcement of you leaving is what sparked us to suddenly pour in the comments. However, we are only human, and are very imperfect creatures. ❤


  5. Hiyya :)
    I just want to say first and for mostly, I truly believe you have the greatest re-textures and re-colours out there. They are the only ones I use in my game. I like your deal it shouldn't be too difficult for people to show their apreciation by saying thankyou, commenting and clicking on adds.. Although there is evidence to say otherwise >.<. That said I believe you should do what you feel is right. I am also sorry to see that your annoucement of leaving is what sparked everyone to show their apreciation when we all should be showing it daily considering that you do this for us.

  6. I can understand much on how you feel. I tried to comment many times on your blog but but didn't see the option to publish.

    Whatever your decision might be, you'd be always welcome to my forum which is highly secure for all members.



  7. Oh, I'm so glad, that you've decided to stay! I'm still very sorry for you cause you have felt sad and undervalued. I had no idea that somebody who is always so gladly saying "Hi guys, I made a new hair retextrure of Newsea's blabla..." could be depressed cause we behind the screen are selfish and don't even thank for your greatful work! Ofc I realize that there's a real person behind the avatar of Kotangens. But some how it's easy to forget. We are all peolpe behind avatars! And we all have feelings and a civil life of our own. So of course it starts to feel bad when after all the good stuff you're done nobody seems to appreciate it. I wan't to apologize you. I'm a part of this awful mess.

    It's not such a big deal to just comment on your posts. You did the right thing when you challenged us. You've just provoked something new. I've never heard that any creator would have said anything like you've told us last few days. It means that you truly care about your guests! And it's very important to you to know that they exist. Believe me, I will be there prooving my existance as often I can!


  8. I'm so glad you're offing us this deal! I know how you must feel...once had it on my site as well...and I really hope this blog here will receive the attention it deserves in the future...this blog and your amazing work. I - for my part - promise to stay here and let you know what I think about your uploads and also to click on the adds whenever I come to this page (which will probably be quite often because there are some hairs I still can't decide as to whether I want them or not xD).
    Anyway...once again, thank you for not leaving us :) It really made my day

    ps: and you don't have to feel like you're the bad person if you leave. after all, it would be your decision and we'd have to accept it.

  9. Your blog is awesome! :)
    Don't leave, you've got a lot of people out there, that love to visit your blog and download your wonderful creations! I have to agree with Stace, your hair is the only hair for Sims 2 I download. It's just such a lovely work you share with us.
    Thanks heaps! :)

  10. I'm stunned. This blog, for me, has always been the best Sims 2 blog. I always thought that you woulld see the download count and that you'd never give up. That's why I never wrote. But now that I see how you feel, I promise to thank for every single one of your posts.
    Please don't give up on this blog! You made my day with this decision.
    Thanks again,

  11. Hello! Sorry, I don't speak english. I'm Hungarian. I just find your website, and it is so great and amazing how good. I love it. And... thank you your creations. I hope that is not a lot of grammar mistakes. ^^"

  12. Thanks you for keeping this! I'm more than happy now :]

  13. I'm glad you're not leaving. I found your website just a few weeks ago and i was glad that there is still somebodie creating great sims 2 stuff.
    It would be great if you could share your creations with us even though it is once a month.

  14. I'm so glad you decided to offer us that deal. We receive so much of you so that's not a big deal in return.

  15. That is a great deal, not only for you but for us, as well. I think people should always write a simple 'thank you'. It takes a minute, honestly, and it makes you feel good and happy, so. I really hope you continue to publish your amazing work for us and stay for a very long time. And don't worry, whatever you're going through in RL, will go away sooner or later, so just be patience and stay positive. :)

    Lots of love

  16. Thank you that you don't leave us. It makes me so happy...really it saved me the day :))))(sorry about this bad not the best in the english lesson ;))

  17. I have to reveal that i'm one of those who never left any comments here. I really admire your works, and especially your hair recolours are useful to my Legacy Challenge. It's hard to find any good retextures/colours for Newsea's hairs, so I always pay a visit here to seek if there's something new.

    I know how it feels to not get any comment from the visitors, and I really do like to leave comments...but some good creators never answer/answered my questions and comments at their sites, so it had let me to frustration and I've stopped commenting to anyone.

    And I don't mean any comments like "where can I get this and that" or so. I mean comment where I really tried to start a conversation or asked for help for some bugs.

    But now, as a deal, I'll start to thank you from all the upcoming items I'm going to download.

    Thank you for staying

    - one of anonymous visitors -

  18. Классно что ты остаешься с нами!!!(Смотри как ты всех подсадил на свою пилюльку!:-))Жди ливня комментариев...

  19. I'm so happy you decided to stay!:D
    Literally, when I saw your post saying you were quitting, I was soo upset. I have been a loyal downloader of yours for ages and never left any comments, which I now regret doing. But I promise that I'll stick to our deal!

  20. Like a lot of people around here, I admire your creations and use - even abuse- them in my game, but simply never leave a comment. Why? Most of the time I am just too exited to try out your creation in my game. But I had no idea that our comments mean so much for you. I promiss that I'll start commentingt to every single one of your downloads that goes into my game. You're a wonderful creator, and I agree we don't thank you enough for that. But you are respected, you are adored, and thank you very much for staying.

  21. I Will Comment On As Much As I Can, I just hope everyone else does too >_< I'm down with the deal though. ^_^

  22. Thank you for staying .A

  23. You are, no contest, my favorite hair site on the net. I love them all. I've never commented, but I will from now on whenever I download. Thank you for what you do.

  24. Oh my word! You really are the best designer on the net and I have no idea what I'd do without this site - I check it everyday. So it's a deal. I absolutely adore you and your work and can't wait to see more of it. :D I appreciate that it's a lot of hard work, which is why I admire you so much, I could never do what you do. Loads of love, and thank you for staying, Illyrienne xxx

  25. Hello Kotangens,

    everytime I´m downloading from your page I push the thank you button. How often can I push the button? Could it be that the button work for only one time?

    And hell yes i love your downloads :) Thank you so much for staying with us!

    Sorry for my bad english :)

  26. I haven't visited the blog in a while, and I'm sorry for not giving you any feedback or saying thank you as often as I should. THANKYOU So much for deciding to stay.

  27. Of course I will agree to comment and such, I would hate to not have any more of your gorgeous creations!
    Thank you for staying:)!

  28. I think its reasonable =) Thanks for thinking about us, love you! =D Have a nice life

  29. Oh thank you a lot for stay here. That's so nice... ♥
    I love your works, this is so amazing and awesome but my game fail. I just want to say, you are an amazing creator! (sorry for my bad bad english!) thanks!!

  30. I promise to comment everytime, please don't quit, not only are you the best with hairs, but I love the reds you have, and no one do them like you do!

  31. I love the stuff that you are sharing here! :) Usually I just push the "Thank you!" -button, but I try to be more active commentator in future. Thank you Kotangens for your decision to stay and greetings from Finland! :)

  32. Thank you so much for reconsidering! I'm going to say thank you every time for every creation! I'm so glad you're staying :DDDD Made my day right there!!!!!!!

  33. Dear Kotangens,

    I totaly understand why you stop doing this. School is much more important than creating these things. I'm a student as well, so I feel you.
    Thank you for all your great work and I'll miss you.

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  34. You DARE leaving us all!
    Since I found your website, it's been my favourite The Sims 2 download site ... ever!
    Seriously, what am I supposed to do if you stop making awesome stuff for my Sims? D:

    I hope you'll stay ... forever!

    But if you leave us, then I want to tell you that you've done an amazing job. Really. I love all of your content. Every single bit.

  35. Yay! Finally I can comment. I am so glad you decided to keep the blog open. Your talent would be sorely missed. I will submit a picture as requested for your banner. Good luck and I look forward to seeing more of your work. :)


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