Sunday, December 2, 2012


Thank you dear guests, all your messages are really touching and made me really happy. However, I don't want you to feel forced and there's no need in leaving comments to every single post! All I'm asking for - don't leave me in silence, please.

In return there will be a surprise for all of you very soon.
A small hint - jingle bells, jingle bells :)

Also, on Saturday there was my very first University exam - English :) I passed! Unfortunately, all those first 100 irregular words with all their forms and translations which I studied till the 5 a.m. were useless. Teachers were too busy with another stuff (aint nobody got time fo dat!).

I remember there were a couple of people asking me to tell more about myself (I guess, a year ago? gosh), so I decided I will write small news about my life from time to time here, even though I tried to post strictly content at this blog for last months, as a serious creator haha. If you don't mind, for sure :)


  1. Congratulations Kot:) Trust me i for one don't feel forced you do soo much for us the least we can do is tell you thank you and appreciate you soo once again thank you Kot & congrats on your exam:)

  2. Congratulations!!! i'm so happy (: you will stay (: thanks!!

  3. Good for you!! Congrats! I enjoy reading all of your posts, keep em coming. <3


  4. Ohhh! Congratulations Kot :) Keep us posted on your other exams!

  5. Wheeeee I am so happy you saty thanks thanks thanks ^_^ *dance around* And Congrats of course for you english exam! I'm a student myself and I know how goddamn busy you can be with those loads of work you get there. Just take your time! As I've already said before: You have rare freetime and I am grateful if you decide to spend it creating your awesome stuff for us. Just relax, no need to hurry :)
    I'd be delighted to learn more about you if you want to tell us because your answers to the comments and your blog news sound always SO nice and polite :3 And of course I will write more comments - although sometimes I fear it may be too much and you feel as if you were stalked! :D :D :D No, no, no, just showing my love xD

  6. P.S.: And you've even prepared a surprise for us even though you've been so down the last days. Awwwwwwwww you're simply the best!!! :-*

  7. Oh, I can't wait your upcoming content what ever it's going to be. And I'd love to know more about your life, seriously I think that you are very interesting person! ^^

    And congrats about your exams!!


  8. Congrats! Your really deserve every good comment that comes to you, your an awesome creator, on of my favourite creators for sims! :P I you should post events about your life, I would love to read something about you, thanks you so much for your help! ^__^


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